The trilogy of quality

For your safety all EJO-products have been thoroughly tested and examined: besides microbiological stability tests, which ensure that the product doesn’t deteriorate within a defined period of time even after repeated contact with fingers or the outside air, and thorough dermatological tolerance tests with volunteers, both the cosmetic properties and the effectiveness of all the products have been investigated under scientific supervision for EJO Cosmetics.

After 4 weeks of using all three EJO Cosmetics products, the female volunteers aged 36 to 58 confirmed the effects as follows*:

91% said:  
«My skin is supplied with long lasting moisture.»
«Wrinkles and lines have been reduced.»
«Bags and rings under the eyes are less visible.»   

Cosmetic performance:
100% said:
«The products have a pleasant texture.»
«The creams and the fluid are absorbed pleasantly quickly.»
«The creams don’t leave an oily film on my skin.»

73% of the testers would buy the products immediately and also recommend them to others.

Of course, for the development and production of EJO Cosmetics no animal tests have been carried out or commissioned, as stipulated by the regulations for cosmetic products in force.

* Tested by 22 women under scientific supervision of the Skin Test-Institute, Neuchâtel, Switzerland.



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